About One Small App

That’s one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind

Neil Amstrong, 1969

It is our goal to develop social media apps which have the capability of changing our collective consciousness in a positive way. A group is always smarter than the smartest individuals in them. But only if we allow and provide the right tools for unlocking its collective intelligence.

Giving as many people as possible a voice and a vote is our mission. That’s why we develop apps that facilitate local and global opinion formation.

Technology itself should not be used to influence people. It should be used to facilitate opinion formation by giving every individual a voice and a vote. In this way we differ in our approach of developing social media with apps like:

Spottales – “Cover the world with stories” (available in the App Store)
Hitsparade – “A voice and a vote” (under development)

Joost Janssen
Founder of One Small App