Use & Features

For what can you use Spottales?

Spottales is a social and location based app for geo blogging. Discover the hidden stories of the places you visit. Stick your blog posts to the location where you are and share it with future visitors of the same location.


  • Discover Spottales around you in the map view
  • Discover Spottales around you in the satellite view
  • Discover Spottales around you in the list view
  • Search in the titles of the Spottales around you
  • Search for Spottales at other places with Google Maps search
  • Filter / order Spottales: New - Old, Old - New, Close - Far, Far - Close, Range (Km or Miles)
  • Add Spottales to your Favourite list and follow them
  • See the distance from where you are to a Spottale (in km or miles) and navigate to it by opening Maps, Google Maps or Waze
  • See how many people viewed a Spottale
  • See how many people added a Spottale to their Favourites
  • Use the Spottales Messenger: add comment on Spottales, ask questions and share thoughts
  • Use the share box to share Spottales on social media or to save them in other applications


  • A list view of your own published Spottales
  • A list view of the Spottales you follow
  • A list view of your own and your favourite Spottales

Add Spottale

  • Add a title and a description (optional) to your Spottale
  • Location information, date and time will be added automatically
  • Add up to six pictures and videos to your Spottale
  • Add pictures and videos from 'Photos'
  • Used pictures for a Spottale will be saved automatically to the Photos Album 'Spottales'
  • Decide with who you want to share your Spottales: public, friends, specific friends or only yourself
  • Edit and update your Spottales afterwards


  • Get notified about comments on you Spottales
  • Get notified when your Spottale has been marked as Favourite
  • Get notified if your Spottale is trending


  • See which Spottales have the most views
  • See which Spottales which has been marked the most as 'Favourite'
  • See which Spottales have the most comments


  • Sign in / Log out
  • Edit your profile
  • Change distance units: Miles or Kilometers
  • Change default distance range: 0 - 100 K or 0 - 62 Miles
  • Invite contacts to Spottales from Contacts
  • Send us feedback
  • Verify your email address