Location based social networking applications – One app and so many useful features!

Just like millions of people worldwide, you and I access the social network from our mobile devices. Location based social networking applications are a crucial part of extending communication while expanding our social channels. Positioning technologies like GPS on smartphones and many other mobile devices has a widespread utilization today. It has fostered access to real-time location updates in mobile applications and similar location-based settings. Geolocation based networking service provides a seamless integration of user location that can be shared with friends searching for set of venues across your geographical proximity. It means that your current location is visible to friends by clicking and searching.

So, what are location based social networking applications?

Proximity based location apps are able to provide true content based on the user’s location. Many technologies are utilized for the progress of such geolocation apps like the GPS, wireless access point, mobile infrastructure and more. These identify your active location so you can choose and share the information with social networking applications.

How can you use location based applications?

Solo traveler

Are you looking for places to visit in your physical proximity? Location based apps provide resources by mapping your location on the city map. You get instant access to reviews for places visited by your friends. A great feature of good location based apps is about the ease of travel. A nap alarm prompts when you reach a specific stop in your destination. Also, you receive triggers about nearby traffic when on the road. In fact, you are never alone with a geolocation based application on your smartphone. Your friends get notified about your proximity, which can get others nearby meet up for a coffee or even join you for travel! It also means that your position-aware app can guide you to nearby restaurants and even hotels that you may be looking for!

Tripping together

If you are traveling with your family and friends, you can instantly update about your location on your social network. It is also a great way to follow-up friends and family on their holiday.

Marketing for retailers

Location based apps is not just great for you only. It enables business owners to offer social-rich content to customers in the location. This is a great opportunity for app users to benefit from providing position-based filtered online information to nearby customers, thus enhancing their business prospects.

Sharing local news

Become a news reporter by sharing location based updates! Or, you can follow journalists and reporters to obtain all news content shared by them. Also, you can share information about historical places in the area during your visit. Even cover events from a nearby location during your travel.

Understanding the functioning of geolocation apps

It is very easy to install a location based app on your smartphone. Function-rich apps such as Spottales depend on the GPS and other aspects on which the position tracking can be defined. The app uses more than one of these methods to quickly update about your geographical location. The location-aware application forwards your position to all active members on your social networking list so that you can quickly connect and share content with them.

Importance of location based apps

Finding places and connecting with others in your proximity was never so easy. Spottales lets you explore a new city or a country and acts like a travel guide helping others find interesting places and landmarks on their own.

Drop a review to let others know about a place – spot, business, or anything that pops up on your Spottales map. The location based content aware app offers promotional assistance to services and is tailored for the convenience of users.

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