How popular location apps are changing the way we travel

Spottales map view

Geo-location apps are great for those who like to travel. These are multi-purpose apps that are useful for both geo-location settings and social networking. To use the apps, you must first submit your geo-location data. After the user has entered the data, depending on the location, the app will coordinate with social networking websites to connect users with similar interests close to their proximity.

As the demand for mobile applications continue to grow in the market, more and more newer functionalities are being introduced. Such location-based apps are not just great to keep up with the current affairs, especially news about the place you are visiting, but also make full-use of the real-time information while travelling. This enables you to communicate effectively when on the road. Here are some examples of how location-based apps have been able to transform the way we travel and share updates right from where we are.

Finding new places on the go

Gone are the days when word-of-the-mouth and maps would guide us to the various tourist spots in a location. Now, you get to mark yourself up using your smartphone with a location-aware app and you can start exploring places of interest and discover new landmarks freely. In fact, you don’t even have to fear about getting lost as you can connect with your friends over the social network and spot all the locations in your proximity. The app helps you to find your way out by providing landmarks to a user when they approach a specific area. Once you know where you are, the app helps you navigate your way through the streets. This smart system lets you move around freely and navigate without loosing your path.

Upload and share files

Ever thought of clicking pictures when on a vacation and then instantly sending them across to your friends via an app? The location-based app integrates all social features, so you can connect with all your social platforms at once and upload content without having to visit these websites individually. In fact, you get to share different updates not just with your friends on the social network, but also with those in the vicinity. Share images, videos, movies, offers and instant messages with people. Similarly, you get to know what your friends are up to when traveling.

Real-time analytics for businesses

Not just you and I, but businesses can also benefit from the insights of location-based apps. Analytical tools allow business owners to understand customer behavior – what kind of users are getting attracted to their offerings? Where and how are customers heading to for similar products and services – you get to know it all! This gives businesses the scope to analyze their marketing strategy and plan accordingly. Customers are able to receive updates from service providers about new updates and services that are being launched.

Also, you can provide updates about a particular place. For instance, Spottales is an app that lets you share historical data about the place where you are traveling. It also lets you share these updates with your friends and family. The geo-location app has multiple functionalities and features, offering great amount of information about the physical environment through which the user moves.

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